Building a healthier future with every wipe



With the base of operations set up in Surat(Gujarat), Gaba Care Pvt Ltd. has a centralized and well-equipped tissue manufacturing facility that spans across an area of 1,25,000 Sq Ft. The manufacturing unit is situated in an ideal location of Surat which remains pollution-free. The campus is perfectly designed to accommodate the machinery while upholding the principle of efficient supply chain management. Different regions of the facility have been well defined for a variety of purposes, including quality testing and quality assurance, manufacturing, sales & marketing and R&D. Our thorough setup ensures a well-managed, efficient and hassle-free process of operations.
We at Gaba Care believe in a product that guarantees absolute hygiene along with the promise of a world that is clean and green. Keeping our primary intention focused on the deliverance of a clean and green environment as a responsible corporation, we have developed over 54,000 sq. ft. area with green cover and foliage.



We at Gaba Care have installed the latest machinery in our manufacturing facility that aids us in speeding up our rate of production. The result which appears in the form of our product stands at par with the leaders in the industry, rising up to meet all global standards. Immaculate raw material is utilized for production in a fully automated plant, thereby giving us the yield of a superior product that possesses a pH balanced composition while retaining its refreshing and smooth texture.


Quality Check and R&D

Our endeavour to provide hygiene and health solutions to our clients stay absolute as we strive towards manufacturing products that meet international standards, thereby achieving excellence in all aspects of our work. Our success are achieved through the implementation of constant dedication and innovation towards our goal of achieving quality products through Systems, Policies and Practices, R&D, People, Technology and benchmarking against internationally accepted norms of excellence.


Final Packaging

With the help of a perfect design for our product’s packaging, our product is quick to use and avails the best customer experience. As we adhere to our policy of simple yet clean design, our packaging stays free of any fuss and leaves a comforting first impression on the user.
Representing a brand that speaks for itself and its qualities, "Freshca" wet tissues guarantees a fresh feeling that's handy, portable and would be available at anytime and anyplace.
Each tissue is individually packaged, making the product handy and easy to carry around with you on-the-go. Now the start of any important engagement will have you looking rejuvenated and refreshed.


Customer Care

We have a dedicated centre that is ready to address any and every client and prospective client's query. Should you have any queries or suggestions, to make, you can contact us here. It is our pleasure to bring delight to our customers through continuous improvement and excellence.