About Us


Health and Freshness in every wipe

'Gaba Care Pvt Ltd.' has turned into a reputable name in the FMCG sector, specializing in the Hygiene and Cosmetic Products segment ever since its inception in the year 2013. Under two broad categories, the company manufactures and supplies a wide array of wipes, i.e. Dry Tissues and Wet Wipes that cater to customers across all demographics.

At Gaba Care, our raw materials are sourced from vendors who have traded with us for years, thereby delivering on the promise of quality products. Thanks to a dedicated team of young professionals and a detailed amount of attention to R&D, the deliverance of pure hygiene and goodness that comprises of our philosophy is highlighted in our assurance of unparalleled products. Fashioned for both domestic as well as international customers, the design, aesthetics and experience that you get from our product is like no other, symbolizing the efficiency that our team delivers.

Our Team


At Gaba Care, the collective and conscious effort of the team helps our process achieve new heights of achievement. At our core, we are of the firm belief that the efforts generated by a team hold more value than that of an individual. As each individual takes their step towards the achievement of excellence, developing a team that represents our values and ethos stands as our primary focus.

Our team has been built from scratch, comprising of a group of young and energetic individuals who drive themselves forward and acknowledge our entrepreneurial culture. We pride ourselves of bringing up a culture that takes on the work with an element of fun. Nevertheless, we can proudly say that we have never had any complaints coming in from our clients.

Our Clients


The clients that we have built relationships with range from direct end consumers to clients based within large and small businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, including airlines, hotels, hospitals and other public places. With the satisfaction of our clients acting as our primary objective, we price our products at competitive rates.


For a wholesome and hygienic food experience, use them before and after the meal to wipe off dirt and oil.


Best used in diagnosis labs or by doctors after each patient examination. Nurses and doctors can also use them for sanitary purposes after administering medicines to the patients.

Cinema Halls

Never worry about soiled hands as enjoy your popcorn. Clean your hands with Gaba Care wipes and avoid missing out on a single moment during the movie.

Airlines and Lounges

Let your passengers be graced with a refreshing welcome with our custom made wipes before the journey begins.


Get your skin an instant cleansing touch before you head for your meetings by keeping our wipes handy at your desk. They can also be used for visitors who drop by.


Fight away all the sweat and dirt with our wipes as you head for your occasions like conferences, wedding parties and other outdoor events.


Various cleaning purposes can be achieved with the help of Gaba Care wipes during train journeys, like using it before and after meals, for face fresheners, etc.


Get yourself pampered, moisturized and soft skin with the help of our refreshing wipes to clean the make-up after your parties.