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'Gaba Care Pvt Ltd.' - We are India's most established dry wipes & wet wipes manufacturers as well as suppliers producing & supplying a comprehensive range of wet tissue papers i.e face cleansing wipes, pocket wet wipes, personal care wipes & hand sanitizer wipes. Although our primary product lines are wet tissue wipes; we are also well known to make some of best soft tissue papers, facial tissue papers, paper napkins, tissue paper napkins etc in many variants to match the diverse needs of our customers. All our wipes including tissue papers & paper napkins fit discreetly in your pocket, your desk drawers, your handbag or travel bag; guaranteeing confidence and freshness wherever you go.

Our aim at Gabacare is to enrich our consumer's everyday lives and provide them an antidote from the pressures of the modern living. Bearing this in mind we are extensively availing a broad portfolio of our hygienic wipes both dry & wet wipes for online shopping in India. Although at the moment, we are currently catering to the below mentioned segments we are also focusing on other segments so as to always match international standards and the current requirements of our end users.

  • Personal Care Wipes - Our personal wipes can be used for personal hygiene at home or on the go.
  • Face Wipes or Facial Cleansing Wipes - After a long trip it's easy to feel greasy and tired. Swipe your face with one of our face wipes and you'll feel brand new.
  • Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Our hand sanitizer wipes clean up sticky hands when you're on the go and soap and water aren't readily available.
  • Adult Wipes or Wipes for Adults - Perfectly suited to modern lifestyles, our adult wipes are created to be your companion when you are in the fast lanes of life.
  • Wet Wipes for Oily Face - Cleanse your face the easy way with our facial wipes for oily skin. Busy people who struggle with oily skin will love these wipes.

Why Gabacare?

At Gaba Care, your wellness is our priority. With that in mind, we have designed and created each wipe in a way where its soothing touch leaves your skin feeling fresh.


Our Quality

With the best standard of quality as our objective, our products are created with nothing but pristine grade materials that guarantee hygienic products that you can use as per your purpose.


Our Process

Committing ourselves towards a happier and healthier world by our deliverance of pure hygiene and wellness.

Redefining Wellness


Delivering pure wellness and hygiene with a commitment towards a healthier and happier world.

Corporate Tie-Ups
Happy Customers
Premium Clients

Our Specialities


At Gaba Care, we give our products an upper edge during its production that differentiates it from all other competitors in the market.

Instant Freshness

Our products always grant you freshness instantaneously which lasts the whole day.

Silky & Smooth Touch

Our wet wipes have the perfect soothing touch for your skin.

Excellent Moisture Absorption

Guaranteed to remove every ounce of grease and dirt from your skin.

Wet Wipes Wet Wipes Hand Sanitizer Wipes Hand Wipes Personal Care Wipes Facial Wipes Face Wipes

Suitable For All Skin Types

Soft or delicate, our wipes cater to all your skincare needs.

Non-Irritating & Non-Sticky

We can guarantee a hassle-free experience with each wipe you use.

Premium Quality

Only the finest of raw materials are utilised for the products we offer.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say


We love Gaba Care’s pocket tissues for their unique design and flawlessness. They are light as feather and extremely light on the skin. The packaging and design is very friendly as well and can snug into a small corner of the bag making it a hassle free must-keep.

Gaba Care’s tissues are refreshing and very gentle on the skin. The fragrance is very soothing and appeals to the senses. It’s a must-keep during travel or any other outdoor activity to get an instant dose of freshness coupled with hygiene.

Tying up with Gaba Care for our brand recall really turned out in our favour. We've had more customers remember our name simply because of the logo that we added to their products.

There's a significant difference between what you commonly get in the market and the tissues that Gaba Care offers. Signing a deal with them couldn't have been an easier decision.

Our company required the perfect product that guaranteed a refreshing experience like no other. Gaba Care delivered on their promise with their tissues, thereby living up to their ideologies.

We were trying to figure out a way to make an impression on the customers who dropped into our hotels. Our tie-up with Gaba Care took care of our requirements to the letter.

The revitalizing essence of Gaba Care's tissues is what had us sold at our first meeting. We've had their products with our logos shipped across to all outlets as a way to show our gratitude.

Keyur Mehta Owner
Dishant Mehta Owner
Ketan Joshi Head of Marketing
Rajeev Shukla Owner
Abhi Thorat Managing Director
Kunal Dheeraj Head of Marketing
Ashish Joshi Co-Founder

Our Work Process


Here's A Glimpse Of The Process We Have Followed Till Date



Immaculate raw material is utilized for production in a fully automated plant, giving us a superior product like no other.


Quality Check And R&D

Our success for achieving international standards come through the implementation of constant dedication and innovation.


Final Packaging

Each tissue is individually packaged, making the product handy and easy to carry around with you on-the-go.

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